Join Operation CatSnip in our mission to humanely manage and care for community cats in Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce. Our TNVR program spays/neuters, vaccinates, and returns cats to their colonies, ensuring they live healthy and happy lives. By participating, you help reduce the cat population and support a humane solution for our feline friends. Fill out the form below to request scheduling and make a difference today!

Humane Cat Management: Our TNVR program is designed to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and return community cats to their original locations, promoting healthier colonies and reducing overpopulation.

Service Areas: St. Lucie County

Scheduling: Currently scheduling appointments approximately two months in advance. Contact us if you need a list of low-cost clinics or local rescues in the meantime.

Aftercare: Cats will beĀ  vaccinated for rabies, and identified with a harmless ear tip. Post-surgery, cats must be returned to their original colony within 12 hours for males and 24 hours for females.

Community Cats Definition: These include unowned or owned cats that live outdoors, whether feral, friendly, born in the wild, lost, or abandoned.

No Relocation: We do not relocate cats. Friendly cats found can be checked for microchips by any vet or rescue.

Humane Option: TNVR is scientifically proven to reduce cat populations and prevent the vacuum effect caused by removal and euthanasia.

Additional Resources: Need tips on keeping cats off your property? Visit Alley Cat Allies and Best Friends for humane deterrent methods.