Join OPERATION CATSNIP in making a difference! Volunteer to foster, care for, and support our community cats. Your dedication can save lives and provide loving homes for cats and kittens in need. Fill out our volunteer application and start your rewarding journey today!

Join Our Mission: Help us reduce the feral cat population by providing temporary homes and care for cats from abandoned or feral situations.

Essential Support: Our fosters are vital to our project, offering love and safety to cats in need.

Temporary Homes: Provide a nurturing environment for cats and kittens while we work to find them permanent homes.

Make a Difference: Your compassion and dedication can transform the lives of these vulnerable animals.

Community Impact: Become a key part of a community effort to save and rehabilitate feral and abandoned cats.


Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of cats and kittens? We need dedicated volunteers like you to help us in our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome our feline friends. There are many ways you can contribute your time and skills to support our cause. Whether it’s organizing community events, assisting with fundraising, participating in weekly adoption events, or helping with the transport and trapping of cats, every effort counts.

How Can You Help?

Fill out the form below to let us know what tasks you’re willing to help with:

Community Events: Assist in organizing and running events to raise awareness and support for our rescue efforts.

Fund Raising: Help us secure the necessary funds to continue providing care and medical treatment for our cats.

Weekly Adoption Events: Join us in finding loving homes for our cats by helping out at our weekly adoption events.

Transport Cats/Kittens to Vet: Ensure our cats and kittens receive the medical care they need by transporting them to and from the vet.

Transport Community Cats in Traps: Assist in the humane transport of community cats to ensure they get the care they need.

Trapping: Participate in the humane trapping of community cats for spaying/neutering and medical treatment.


Join Operation CatSnip in our mission to humanely manage and care for community cats in Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce. Our TNVR program spays/neuters, vaccinates, and returns cats to their colonies, ensuring they live healthy and happy lives. By participating, you help reduce the cat population and support a humane solution for our feline friends. Fill out the form below to request scheduling and make a difference today!

Humane Cat Management: Our TNVR program is designed to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and return community cats to their original locations, promoting healthier colonies and reducing overpopulation.

Service Areas: St. Lucie County

Scheduling: Currently scheduling appointments approximately two months in advance. Contact us if you need a list of low-cost clinics or local rescues in the meantime.

Aftercare: Cats will beĀ  vaccinated for rabies, and identified with a harmless ear tip. Post-surgery, cats must be returned to their original colony within 12 hours for males and 24 hours for females.

Community Cats Definition: These include unowned or owned cats that live outdoors, whether feral, friendly, born in the wild, lost, or abandoned.

No Relocation: We do not relocate cats. Friendly cats found can be checked for microchips by any vet or rescue.

Humane Option: TNVR is scientifically proven to reduce cat populations and prevent the vacuum effect caused by removal and euthanasia.

Additional Resources: Need tips on keeping cats off your property? Visit Alley Cat Allies and Best Friends for humane deterrent methods.